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The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce offers several opportunities to become involved. Get involved sign up for a Committee Action Team today!
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Chamber Committees & Action Teams


The investment you make in the Chamber is critical to our success and the Finance Committee works closely with the administration to make sure we are making good fiscal decisions. This group studies the financial condition of The Chamber and recommends to the Board of Directors the proposed budget. 

Contact Roya Baxter at


This committee reviews amendments to the Chamber's governing documents and makes recommendations on a periodic basis to the Board of Directors. 

Contact Suzanne Bogdan at


BusinesF1rst is an economic retention and recruitment partnership between the City of Fort Lauderdale and the Chamber.  Jointly funded by both entities, BusinessF1rst conducts field visits with companies to determine their needs while working on issues like regulatory reform (i.e. parking, signage, noise, changes in existing use, etc.)  The group meets on an as needed basis to facilitate its program of work.

Contact Kelly Kolb at or
Danielle Clermont at


This important Chamber group reviews and develops public policy positions that are "pro-business and pro-South Florida." Research is involved.  The Chamber leadership then takes the positions to elected officials and staff.

Contact Jon Polenberg at or
Stephen Tilbrook at


Contact Ashley Boxer at or
Suzanne Higgings at or Stan Meadows at 


The Membership Committee reviews and recommends strategies, procedures, and best practices for the recruitment and retention of Chamber members.  A goal is to facilitate business between members and proactively add value to every member’s association with the Chamber.

Contact Bernie Friedman at

The Membership Committee It is comprised of the following sub-committees:

Diplomat Committee
The purpose of the Diplomat Committee is to perpetuate the success of new Chamber members, so that they become long-term, active members. Diplomats  are responsible for reaching out to Chamber members who submit a Concierge Profile online; directing them to events and committees that will support their success in the Chamber; introducing them to potential “strategic partners” – people whose client is the same target market that the member is seeking. Also responsible for selecting the next month’s Chamber “member of the month”.

Contact Joe Akin

Non-Profit Liaison Committee 

Responsible for integrating non-profit and for-profit Chamber members; coordinating the “feature non-profit message” at Trustee events; selecting the “Chamber Hero of the Month”. Meets 2nd Wednesday 9:30 am at the Non-Profit Recourse Center, Chamber Building. 

Sandra Veszi Einhorn at
Robert Boo at

This group is in charge of selecting the Chair-Elect and Directors of the Chamber, and is appointed by the current Chair. It is responsible to publish the slate to the membership committee in December. 

Contact Keith Costello at .

This group consists of managers and owners of small to medium size businesses. This committee is responsible for the monthly Business Perks breakfast, Jazz in the Hall and the Small Business Awards Breakfast. Meets at the Chamber, Fourth Friday of each month, 8:30 am. 

Contact Golden Johannson at

Dr. Al Bove at              



Contact Marilyn Oliva at


Contact Jenni Morejon at or
Sheryl Dickey at


Meets at the Chamber, second Thursday of each month, 4:00 pm. 

Contact Jean McIntyre at


The Business Education & Development Committee is committed to providing members with information that is applicable in a wide range of situations for stimulating growth and increasing competitiveness in a rapidly changing marketplace. Currently, the committee provides chamber members with dynamic workshops in an effort to bridge the gap between business knowledge and the practical application of leading business principles.Moreover, the Business Education & Development Committee launched Chamber University, which features partnerships with Kaplan University and Broward College. The goal of Chamber University is to provide members with a wide range of educational resources, including degree and certificate programs, to help members accumulate the knowledge required to manage, lead, or grow a thriving business.

Contact Lynn Goldman at 
or Gordan Merle at 


This biennial summit provides an intimate opportunity for delegates to meet with Members of Congress and the South Florida Congressional Delegation to discuss critical issues affecting their businesses.
You will participate in briefings with congressional department heads, attend receptions with the Florida Delegation and join meetings with our trading partners. Additional events are planned to take place at the Capitol, National Press Club and the Pentagon.

Contact Gerry Angeli at or
Marilyn Oliva at 



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Member of the Month

April 2017 Member of the Month 

Dr. Beatriz Perez, Middle River Animal Hospital

Dr. Beatriz Perez has been a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce since 2016, and has helped a number of Chamber members by providing quality medicine and compassionate care to animals.

Middle River Animal Hospital is a locally owned animal hospital that helps maintain the bond between parent and pet. They are a cloud based hospital with the latest equipment to provide the best possible care to animals, also offering house calls and providing in-home hospice care.

As a relatively new member, Dr. Perez understands the importance of networking through the Chamber of Commerce in order to promote her own business as well as encourage other businesses to patronize in our local community. She is an active member of the GLBX Leads groups and shares her experiences with the chamber with the local community. Dr. Perez strives to be a source of information and supports fellow members in order to help maintain and enhance the economic environment in Fort Lauderdale.

Prior to owning Middle River Animal Hospital, Dr. Beatriz Perez studied as the University of Florida where she received her Bachelors in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Previous jobs include working for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, after which Dr. Perez attended Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduating, she completed a small animal internship and worked locally for 7 years. Middle River Animal Hospital will be having it’s 1 Year Anniversary this year, and Dr. Beatriz Perez is proud to have dedicated her hospital to her beloved pets whom have made her the veterinarian she is today.

When not connecting with other members at the Chamber and running her hospital, Dr. Perez is a supporter of animal rescue groups all over Broward County. She donates services and goods to both animal and non-animal based Non-Profits. She is also currently a partner with Beyond Nine Cat Rescue. In her free time, Dr. Perez enjoys spending time with family and friends. You can find her fishing on a boat with her dad, snorkeling with her husband or travelling the world with friends.