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Welcome to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce!

OK. Letís get down to business, because, after all, isnít that why you joined the Chamber? 

As the Chair of the Diplomat committee, I can start telling you about our over 170 annual events, our various councils, dozens of committees, leads groups, and more great stuff.  You can read about them all on this website.

All very important.  But if you are like most members, youíre here because you want to know how you can start leveraging your Chamber investment into REAL DOLLARS right now. 

And for that, our Diplomat Committee is here to assist you with creating and implementing your Success Plan.  Diplomats are members just like you, who volunteer their time, to assist fellow members.   

That brings me to an important point: Success in the chamber, requires involvement at some level.  While we hope you enjoy your new Chamber plaque, chances are, on its own, it wonít generate much new business.

Think of the Chamber like a fitness club membership.  You only get back what you put in. And itís all about members helping members. Thatís been the "success formula" here for over 100 years and more then 1,400 companies.

If you are ready to start, weíre ready to help. 


Mindy Jennings
Diplomat Chair

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Member of the Month Award

This is our monthly recognition award to Chamber members, who have gone "above and beyond" in assisting both the Chamber and its members.

  • A press release and guaranteed publication in South Florida media
  • A "nod" and congrats from Dan Lindblade, President/CEO in his newsletter
  • A paid invite to the Trustee luncheon (or if already a Trustee, the Beach or Downtown Council event)
  • Recognition at events during that month
  • Link to website which explains the award, keeps a record of all honorees - and allow honorees to link to page for their own advertising (good link for a signature)
  • Recognition in print version of Chamber directory in Member of the Month section
  • One month complimentary tile ad on the Chamber website

MOTM Requirements:

Must be a member in good standing
May be an Individual, Company or Committee

The MOTM must take part in a least one of the items/activities below:

  • Conducts business with other Chamber members
  • Refers prospective new members to Chamber
  • Actively involved in at least one Chamber activity:
  • Leads Group
  • Committees
  • Councils
  • Board
  • Sponsorships

Who nominates the MOTM?

All Chamber committees and councils may submit their nominees on the MOTM nomination form.

When is the nomination deadline?

All nomination forms must be submitted to the Diplomat committee no later than the last Monday of the month. Nominations which are received after that date will be entered into the voting for the following month.

Who votes for and elects the MOTM?

Each month, the Diplomat committee receives, reviews, and discusses each nomination   and elects the MOTM through a majority vote.

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Member of the Month

April 2017 Member of the Month 

Dr. Beatriz Perez, Middle River Animal Hospital

Dr. Beatriz Perez has been a member of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce since 2016, and has helped a number of Chamber members by providing quality medicine and compassionate care to animals.

Middle River Animal Hospital is a locally owned animal hospital that helps maintain the bond between parent and pet. They are a cloud based hospital with the latest equipment to provide the best possible care to animals, also offering house calls and providing in-home hospice care.

As a relatively new member, Dr. Perez understands the importance of networking through the Chamber of Commerce in order to promote her own business as well as encourage other businesses to patronize in our local community. She is an active member of the GLBX Leads groups and shares her experiences with the chamber with the local community. Dr. Perez strives to be a source of information and supports fellow members in order to help maintain and enhance the economic environment in Fort Lauderdale.

Prior to owning Middle River Animal Hospital, Dr. Beatriz Perez studied as the University of Florida where she received her Bachelors in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Previous jobs include working for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, after which Dr. Perez attended Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduating, she completed a small animal internship and worked locally for 7 years. Middle River Animal Hospital will be having it’s 1 Year Anniversary this year, and Dr. Beatriz Perez is proud to have dedicated her hospital to her beloved pets whom have made her the veterinarian she is today.

When not connecting with other members at the Chamber and running her hospital, Dr. Perez is a supporter of animal rescue groups all over Broward County. She donates services and goods to both animal and non-animal based Non-Profits. She is also currently a partner with Beyond Nine Cat Rescue. In her free time, Dr. Perez enjoys spending time with family and friends. You can find her fishing on a boat with her dad, snorkeling with her husband or travelling the world with friends.