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A Message from the Director of Communications

It’s rare to find an organization that not only believes in its mission, but in its employees. Nearly a year and a half ago I joined the Chamber team, unsure of what I would find, but hopeful that I’d discovered a new home rife with opportunity.

I had.

The Chamber opened a new world to me, forcing me to acquire skill sets that, in my previous life as a television news producer, I simply hadn’t needed. I met some of the most incredible business leaders in South Florida, rubbed elbows with two international ambassadors, and had the honor of being involved in initiatives which will propel Broward County forward.

Today is my final day with the Chamber. I am relocating my family to Central Florida, where my husband has accepted a position with a physician’s group at a hospital. Simply stated, it was an opportunity we simply couldn’t pass by.

I would like to thank the membership for the warm welcome and continued support I received throughout my, unfortunately, short tenure. I’ve spent much of my time watching and learning from all of you, and what incredible teachers you’ve been. The things you accomplish in this community are nothing short of incredible and I can’t wait to see what this organization achieves in the future.

I cannot stress enough how dedicated your Chamber team is. The staff takes great pride in this organization, and it shows in everything they do. Several of my co-workers often refer to our small group as the “Chamber family,” and it truly is. Working in this office has been an absolute pleasure; I consider myself extremely lucky to have had this opportunity.

If you haven’t gotten involved with fellow members, or built a relationship with Chamber staff, I encourage you to do so. Opportunity for growth, both professional and personal, awaits.

Thank you, and keep in touch!

Liz Beeble
Director of Communications

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