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Council of Economic Advisors Convenes

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce's Council of Economic Advisors' latest meeting covered an arrray of topics and the major phrase that could be taken out of the meeting was "cautious optimism." With the United States in the midst of the second longest economic expansion in the nation's history, the cyclical nature of the economy is not to be ignored. 

In all, 16 business leaders from industries including banking, construction, hotels and hospitality, marketing, insurance and more were polled on a variety of questions. Here's a look at the results of those eight questions.







Another topic discussed during this month's meeting was the "United We End Homelessness" initiative, which is being spearheaded by several local business leaders. Kathleen Cannon, President & CEO of United Way of Broward County spoke at length of the effort being taken and how local business leaders, including Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Dan Lindblade, are assisting in the effort, which you can read more about here.


                                                                             Kathleen Cannon addressing the Council of Economic Advisors

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce will be providing ongoing updates on the "United We End Homeless" initiatives, so look out to our blogs and social media posts for updates.

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