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Optimism for 2011

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There is reason for optimism for business in South Florida in 2011. Reports on construction spending, manufacturing activity and tourism movement all look positive.

 I donít get upset with traffic anymore because it suggests to me that people are out and hopefully spending money. My wait at a local restaurant on New Yearís Eve was filled with tourists and, by all accounts, Fort Lauderdaleís party was the best it has ever been.

The recent snow and travel delays have me asking for more of the same as those affected make plans to come to South Florida for a much needed break. We are working on moving some of the 10,000 plus weekly cruise passengers to local businesses while waiting for their next destination.

Word is more employers plan to increase permanent workers this year, too. Thatís good news for the 350,045 people in the Tri-County area collecting unemployment.

Thatís why being part of a forward thinking organization like the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce makes so much sense. Our collective business portfolio is primed for 2011 with a focus on growing and nurturing our economic base. We remain committed to working with our partners to create new jobs as we attract more to our way of life.

Your continued support means we will be able to produce our award winning programs and services. All I ask of you is to make a conscious decision this year to do business with other Chamber members and to recommend to others they become part of our culture. Together we can create a year of growth and prosperity.

Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 11:47:56 am  Comments (0)
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