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Sunday, January 1, 2012
January 2012

Arminda "Mindy" Figueroa 
Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications

The best advice anyone could ever give a not for profit is that the key to success is to develop strong relationships and partner with community members.  CDTC’s relationship with Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications is a perfect example.  From the very beginning, Mindy felt a connection with CDTC’s mission and wanted to give back.  Thanks to The Wasie Foundation, Mindy received a “scholarship” to become a member of CDTC’s professionals group called The CDTC Transformers, whose mission is to advocate & raise funds for CDTC.  She immediately hosted a reception at her new office in order to introduce CDTC to her friends and colleagues.  Shortly after, she brought a group of her dearest friends to tour CDTC.  As a result, the beginning of a beautiful friendship ensued.  The friends were also her neighbors who lived at the Las Olas River House, who also happened to be on the LORH Social Committee.  They all decided to help spread the word about the work done at CDTC and decided to do a fundraiser.  After a year of planning, the outcome was:  Las Vegas on Las Olas…. A Gala and Casino Night held at the Las Olas River House!

For this and so many other reasons, Mindy Figueroa is our CHAMBER HERO!!!

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