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I wanted to update you on the proposed wage theft ordinance under consideration at the Broward County Commission.  It has been placed on the agenda for public hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, October 9, beginning at 2:00 pm.  It is the fifth and final item on the agenda.


Your Chamber Board of Directors voted to oppose this proposed ordinance that would provide a system at Broward County for employees to file a complaint alleging nonpayment or underpayment of earned wages allowing for potential recovery of those wages.  Our opposition is mostly based on the fact that State and Federal laws currently provide for that relief.  The Federal Labor Standards Act and Florida statutes provide employees with relief including but not limited to wage recovery and attorney's fees.


The business community needs to be united on this and your help is needed now.  Please follow the instructions below an either call or email county commissioners today.  It doesn't matter if you live in their district.  We need to generate emails and phone calls.


Call or email county commissioners between now and 2:00 pm tomorrow and let them know WE ARE OPPOSED TO THE PROPOSED WAGE THEFT ORIDNANCE:


1.     Relief for nonpayment or underpayment of wages is already provided through State and Federal laws that have been on the books in some cases for over 70 years.

2.    It sends the wrong message to Broward County businesses and those companies we are trying to recruit to move here.

3.    It is a waste of a minimum of $175,000 to run the program annual (as projected by the County).

4.    If they must vote in favor or it we ask they support narrowing its focus to only apply to cases not covered by FLSA.

5.    Education of employers, especially small business owners, is the best way to improve compliance and the Chamber will be leading the way in providing this.


I suggest you use your own words.


Here is the contact information for our County Commissioners:


District 1

Ilene Lieberman



District 2

Kristin Jacobs—She is Vice Mayor and is the Sponsor of this Proposed Ordinance



District 3

Stacy Ritter



District 4

Chip LaMarca



District 5

Lois Wexler



District 6

Sue Gunzburger



District 7

Mayor John Rodstrom



District 8

Barbara Sharief


Torey Alston, Chief of Staff


District 9

Dale Holness



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