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Political correction falls short
This was a typical election.  Voting was emotional, not fact based.  I worked a precinct all day.  Talking to voters throughout the day I found many uninformed and confused.

I am now changing what we call the “undecided vote” to the “uninformed vote.”  Thank goodness Amendment 4 was soundly defeated because I can’t imagine the electorate understanding land use amendments on top of the myriad of candidates, especially judges.

One thing is for sure, Broward County has a long way to go to be an area of influence in Tallahassee.  Democrats in our delegation will again be on the outside looking in.  Broward County deserves a seat at the table or at least an invitation to the game.

It may be heresy, but maybe it’s time to dismantle our two party system.  How about a moderate, centrist party?  We can call it the Middle of the Road Party…wishful thinking on my part.

The continued polarization is troubling at best.  Our democracy needs true stateswomen and men.  I'm weary of rhetoric and double talk.  An election correction, like this one, is not the answer.
Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 3:23:37 pm  Comments (0)
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