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DC results, local impact and Salute To Business

After our successful return from our Washington Fly In, presented by the Wasie Foundation, I can safely say that we are making an impact.  Though the rancor of partisanship remain evident, we fulfilled our mission to focus on Port Everglades expansion, develop new trading partners, elevate discussion of our security needs and establish dialogue to reforms for the United States visa system.

While we were in DC, our Broward County Commission debated whether to allow citizens to review the governance structure of the county (they decided against doing that).  At the same meeting they pushed forward on funding the Broward Center for the Performing Arts improvements to the tune of $12 million.  Not to be outdone, the BankAtlantic Center wants a loan of $7 million for improvements, too. If commissioners move forward with approval, beaches and convention center improvements will be placed on the back burner.

Your Government Affairs Committee will be reviewing our positions this week and I'm sure this and other current events, BankAtlantic being purchased by BB&T and Ruden McCloskey filing for Chapter 11 protection, will be discussed on Thursday evening when business leaders gather at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 for Salute to Business, presented by Bank of America, beginning at 5:30 pm.

Samuel F. Morrison leads our awardees with the Hall of Fame Award.  Morrison was instrumental in the creation of the award-winning, $12.5 million African American Research Library and Cultural Center.  The Wasie Foundation and its president, Gregg Sjoquist, receives our Community Philanthropy Award.  Sjoquist and colleague, Jen Klassens, have made a huge impact at the Chamber and South Florida in recent years.

Broward College, David Armstrong, president, is being recognized for its achievements in Education and Workforce Development.  The Broward Workshop, Dr. Harry Moon, chair, receives kudos for its work in government and regulatory/environment reform.  For international trade, Resolve Marine, Joe Farrell, president, will be in attendance.  Keith and Schnars will be honored for work in the transportation sector.  Rounding out our star-studded awardees is Third Step Mental Health Care Center, Maria Freeman, president, for Diversity in Business.

There are still tables and seats available but you need to move fast.  Over 300 are registered for this wonderful business event.

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