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Global trade focus

A new job is created for every $150,000 of goods exported.  Last year, thousands of jobs came online in South Florida as a direct result of expanding international trade.  That is why one of your Chamber’s major areas of focus is the global marketplace.

Think about this: international expansion could generate an estimated 143,000 jobs, $21.5 billion in business sales, $7.9 billion in personal income, and $723 million in tax revenues, according to a recent study by the Florida Chamber Foundation.  Annually, the study suggested 32,000 jobs are realistic.

Your Board of Directors approved creating specific, measurable strategies to better position our region.  Chris Madsen, Mad 4 Marketing, chair of the Board, appointed Port Everglades Director Phil Allen to lead the project and today, Allen convened a meeting with key South Florida stakeholders to that end.

While the Greater Fort Lauderdale Economic Alliance will continue its focus on direct foreign investment, the Chamber will serve as an incubator and marshal resources to facilitate education, foreign direct investment and public policy decisions supportive of free trade agreements to name but three areas.  Our allies in government will be with us, too.

With over $130 billion generated in South Florida by the global marketplace in 2008, it’s easy to see why your leadership is laser focused on expansion of this key sector.

Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 3:29:16 pm  Comments (0)
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