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Finding your niche

Approaching life from an abundance mentality means you always look for opportunities to give rather than receive.  It’s biblical, I know.  You’ve heard the phrases—pay it forward and the like.

Funny thing is--it works.  When you do things for others without expecting anything in return (that’s the important part), before you know it the returns start pouring in—at least that has been my experience.

Take a recent situation where, without expecting anything in return, I took it upon myself to communicate with several City of Fort Lauderdale staffers about a situation one of our investors was having with expansion of his business.  This investor was also connected with a land use attorney who navigated several technical issues for this individual and gave him some much needed light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is what has and will happen—I have a friend for life who will always speak highly of the Chamber and will refer countless new members to the organization.  Now exponentially multiply this and see the power of the abundance theory.

Apply that to involvement with the Chamber.  Where can you contribute and make a difference?  If you are in sales, maybe you could help out the Membership Committee.  If you like public policy, then look at the Government Affairs Committee.  There is room for everyone.  You will expand your reach, make many new referral partners, and generate more positive activity than you can handle.


Dan Lindblade, CAE

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