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Edge of your seat

I’m still trying to come down off the adrenalin high received from the gold medal hockey game.  My wife is from Coral Gables and I grew up in Minnesota, so she thought I was from another planet as I literally sat on the edge of my seat throughout the Canuck’s 3-2 overtime victory.

That’s what I will be doing during the State Legislature’s session as your Chamber continues to push for job creation, the elixir for our recession hangover.  Our requests are reasonable-- 

• Fair and predictable laws and regulations that promote economic development and do not impose unreasonable costs on businesses or their customers;

• A best-in-class education and workforce development system that will enable all Floridians to compete in the 21st century global economy;

• A simple, fair and globally competitive tax structure;

• Fiscal responsibility, public accountability and transparency in government;

• A reliable and sustainable infrastructure to support the health and prosperity of all Floridians;

• A constructive and positive labor environment in Florida that generates jobs; and

• A unified, responsible business community that acts in the long-term interest of our state.

Over the next decade, our goal of 2.8 million jobs in Florida will be the business community’s “all-in” strategy.  The only way we can accomplish this is by partnering with local, state and federal governments to create synergies of success.  Neither government nor business can accomplish this type of economic growth alone.

That is why we continue to call on our best and brightest to be part of our gold medal team, keeping us on the edge of our seats.  Together we can achieve our collective goals of a thriving and prosperous Florida.


Dan Lindblade, CAE

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