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Capitol Calling    

One of our duties as business leaders is to participate in the political process.  Over my 27 years in organization management, I have been fortunate that most of the time I have been on the winning side of the debate.

What has made the difference is that both volunteers and staff have been involved in the process on a daily or at least a weekly basis.  You can’t just show up when your ox is getting gored and expect folks to be sympathetic to your needs.  That is why we are going to Washington, DC, May 10-12, reinstituting the Chamber’s Washington Fly-In, presented by Shutts & Bowen and Advocate Home Care Services.

We are looking for 50 business people who want to make a difference.  Our schedule starts with briefings on Tuesday, May 10, 12:30 pm at the Capitol Hill Club.  That evening we will be at a hosted reception with our South Florida Congressional Delegation at the Florida Embassy.  Wednesday, May 11 starts at the briefings at the US Chamber, followed by the lunch at the Library of Congress.  We cap off the day at a hosted evening reception at the Spanish Embassy.

We will be discussing issues like transportation, international trade, workforce development and healthcare with our political leaders.  I ask you to seriously consider joining us in this important mission.  To learn more about the specifics, click here

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