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Monday, April 5, 2010
I’ll See You Thursday

Welcome to the second quarter.  If you haven’t done so already, you should be reviewing your business plan and making adjustments.  How is your cash flow?  Orders?  Inventory? 

I’ve talked to enough folks involved with leading economic indicators to know that capital is beginning to flow and we all need to be prepared to meet demand.  Not having goods available, whether it’s cars or computers, means customers will go elsewhere.

Last week found me selling one automobile while I tried to find another.  One dealership didn’t have the specific model my daughter wanted while the other had only two.  Both dealers were frustrated with the lack of inventory—just debris from last year’s economic tsunami.

Since we’re talking about automobiles, you should be planning on attending the Downtowner of the Year this Thursday, April 8, 11:45 am, Hyatt Regency Pier 66, as we celebrate mammoth contributions of AutoNation CEO, Mike Jackson.

Jackson’s work verges on historic proportions.  If you met Mike, you’d be impressed with his unassuming charm, wit and ability to listen naively.  Most of the folks whom I know at this level, all three of them, don’t invite accolades and are truly humbled by them.

This luncheon will bring out the best in our community which includes you—see you Thursday!


Dan Lindblade, CAE

PS:  Don’t forget to thank your team this week!

Posted by: Dan Lindblade @ 1:25:36 pm 
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