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First Quarter Grade: B-

Some of you may have experienced an above average first quarter.  In reviewing some of our leading South Florida economic indicators and attending several meetings with well respected economists, I would characterize our situation as a long walk out of a recession sink hole.

To be sure, activity from major sporting events helped fuel January and February in the tri-county area.  January’s airport passenger counts were up 4.1 percent over last year and hotel occupancy rates increased from Dec. through March. Unemployment in Broward County peaked at 10.9 percent in February, ebbing to 10.6 percent in March.  The real question is can we continue to increase job gains and put a dent in the 103,839 unemployed in Broward County?

In meeting with senior staffing firm executives, I am encouraged with what they reported—increased hiring practices.  While retail sales have been pleasantly higher than expected, overall, businesses are not rushing to make capital investments.

Taking everything into account, I would grade the first quarter with a B-, above average with room for improvement.  We must create more employment opportunities coupled with capital investment to make the grade in succeeding quarters.

Best Regards,

Dan Lindblade, CAE

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