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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Government Affairs Committee Backs Two Ballot Measures

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce's Government Affairs Committee is passing along three recommendations to the Chamber's Board of Directors. Among the issues discussed during a Tuesday (August 7th) meeting was an upcoming ballot item, which will allow Broward County voters to decide whether or not to pass a penny surtax to help fund countywide transportation projects. The Government Affairs Committee recommends that the Chamber's Board of Directors should support the measure.

Broward County Director of Transportation Chris Walton, who attended the meeting inside the Chamber Board Room, says municipalities across the county are "embracing" the November 6th ballot item, while adding that many city leaders have "enthusiastically received this." Walton argues the penny surtax gives municipalities the ability to allocate dollars, which may have been directed towards funding transportation projects, elsewhere. 

For more information regarding the penny surtax, click here.

On the other hand, the Government Affairs Committee recommended that the Chamber's Board of Directors oppose the formation of a historic preservation district within the City of Fort Lauderdale's Central Beach area. The Committee's motion to oppose the potential designation follows a survey that found four specific areas including and not limited to: Birch Estates, Sunrise Lane, Harbor Drive, and Lauder-Del-Mar.

For more information on the Historic Designation survey, click here.

The committee's meeting came to a close, after calling on the Chamber's Board of Directors to support another item, which will be included on the November ballot. Voters will have their say on a "Broward County Affordable Housing Trust Fund." The proposed measure received overwhelming support from the Government Affairs Committee.

To learn more about the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (also known as CRC 2018-007), click here.

Posted by: Mike Cobelo @ 10:00:00 am 
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