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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
GFLCC Assisting in The James Patterson Literacy Challenge

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce is playing its part by assisting in securing lunches for teachers being trained through a grant at the University of Florida and the James Patterson Literacy Challenge.

Chamber President & CEO Dan Lindblade recently relayed a message to the Chamber's Board of Directors, saying "two of the biggest problems facing low-performing schools are many children arrive at school each year unprepared for the literacy expectations of their grade level and many teachers are unprepared to address the needs of struggling readers."

Last year the University of Florida Literacy Initiative partnered with the James Patterson Foundation to address Florida's literacy crisis through the James Patterson Literacy Challenge and worked with the two lowest performing schools in Broward County, Castle Hill and Larkdale. This year, due to the successful partnership, 9 schools applied to join the James Patterson Literacy Challenge and 8 have been selected to participate. These schools are spread out across Broward County. Three partnership facilitators have stepped up and are working closely with these schools for the next 12-18 months. ​During their week long summer training, facilitators teachers through the process of literacy development and best practices that can be used in the classroom to support their most vulnerable students. 

About 215 Broward County school teachers are set to participate in the 7-hour-a-day training, which will run from July 29-August 2. This is where the Chamber is looking towards the business community for some help. We would like to help in securing lunches for the teachers, who are developing young minds and molding tomorrow's workforce.

Any little bit helps! If you would like to donate your talent or treasure to the cause please contact Dan Lindblade by emailing him at

Posted by: Mike Cobelo @ 10:00:00 am 
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