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Friend with a cause

Every once in a while, if you are truly fortunate, you get to not only meet but learn from an exceptional human being.  For me that person was Joe Millsaps, 70, former chairman of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce among other notable posts.  Joe died over the weekend attending the Indy 500.

We knew each other for about 25 years, first meeting through our affiliation with the Realtor® association.  In all that time he never had a bad thing to say, was always promoting the best of Fort Lauderdale, and offered many a good story.  Just two weeks ago we attended a Winterfest retreat together—I’d love to have that time back.

There will be plenty of accolades for his send off.  He was chairman of this, president of that, and recipient of multiple honors.  Since 1999, his focus was Broward Navy Days.  Through all his successes, Joe neither sought honors nor basked in the many bestowed upon him.  He was unassuming, charming, approachable.

I will miss our conversations, reflect upon his musings and forever value his council.

 Job well done, good friend.  Job well done.

Dan Lindblade, CAE

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