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June 2015 Hero

Marina Pavlov
Florida Association Of
NonProfits Organizations

Marina Pavlov, CEO of the Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations has always been there for our nonprofit community. Whether through their certification classes or connecting nonprofit organizations, Marina has been a invaluable resource for us. A few examples of how this amazing organization steps up is their providing Wi-Fi access to all the nonprofits in the Chamber building which alleviated strain on the guest network and being the breakfast sponsor for the July 10th Non Profit Business Breakfast..

This honor is typically given to a for profit helping out a non profit, but fostering collaboration between our organizations makes Marina the definition of Chamber Hero.

About Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations:

Florida Nonprofits is a leader in Nonprofit Education and Training. Our Mission: Florida Nonprofits is a state-wide center and professional network of 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Florida. It was founded by a nonprofit leaders in 1989 to enhance the well being of all people in the communities in Florida by building the capacity of the nonprofit sector. Florida Nonprofits assists 52,000 nonprofits to reach their mission by strengthening their leadership, management, financial, and public policy capacity. to volunteer or participate in our programs and services.


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