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Wednesday, July 29, 2020
President's Virtual Roundtable Introduces New Leaders & Provides Upate on COVID-19

In the continuing effort to help business leaders connect and receive valuable updates, the Chamber organized a President’s Virtual Roundtable this week.

Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Dan Lindblade invited guests to interact with some of the Chamber’s Chairman’s Circle and Trustee investors. Members and the Chamber staff had the pleasure of welcoming Port Everglades’ new Chief Executive and Port Director Jonathan Daniels.

Daniels touched on some of the current operations at Port Everglades and the “no sail” restrictions that cruise lines are still facing. However, the port’s new leader highlighted that Broward County should be proud of building a port that is not solely reliant on cruises to generate revenue. Mr. Daniels touched on petroleum and other cargo that has helped sustain jobs and the major economic impact that Port Everglades has on our state. Daniels also gave us the opportunity to learn about him personally.


At the top of the virtual meeting, GFLCC President & CEO Dan Lindblade also helped introduced Interim Chief of Police for the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Karen Dietrich.

On July 9, the City of Fort Lauderdale's City Manager Chris Lagerbloom appointed Dietrich as interim leader of city's police department, after reassigning Chief Rick Maglione, and cited the need for new ideas and a fresh perspective in shaping the community's law enforcement. Karen Dietrich brings more than 30 years of experience to her leadership role and touched on what she has been doing during her first few weeks as interim chief. 

It was also important for our meeting to include and update on the surging cases of COVID-19 across South Florida and how our healthcare system is facing the pandemic. Kate Goldman, Director of Government and Community Relations for Baptist Health South Florida, provided a perspective that allowed us to grasp a larger picture as to how our local hospitals are working together to fight the disease. Goldman explained that hospital leaders have put their "competitiveness aside" and hold several calls each week to assist each other. Goldman also touched on what hospitals are doing to help their tiring workforce and how the spread has moved to households.


Posted by: Mike Cobelo @ 12:00:00 pm 
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