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Please Do Two Things

I'm concerned with the growing number of people with whom I have discussed Amendment 4 who have no idea what it is or what will happen if it passes.

"Referenda Required For Adoption and Amendment of Local Government Comprehensive Land Use Plans" is how it reads on the ballot for November.  "Establish that before a local government may adopt a new comprehensive land use plan, or amend a comprehensive land use plan, the proposed plan or amendment shall be subject to vote of the local electors of the local government by referendum, following the preparation by the local planning agency, consideration by the governing body and notice," is what follows.

Aside from the 260,000 jobs that will be lost, the lawsuits it will spawn, tax increases to pay for referenda elections, and acceleration of  urban sprawl, there is the compelling argument that the you and I are in a better position to determine future land use.  I'm pretty up to speed on a variety of issues.  The last thing I want to do is have to study land use amendments before I go to vote. 

Public corruption is another argument you'll hear about over the next several weeks.  It goes something like, we can't trust crooked politicians who are being convicted for taking bribes so we should control decisions by voting in favor of this amendment.  There is no way that a vote in favor of this will end corruption in government.  It will, however, hurt our economy by eliminating jobs and growth that is good for our economy.

Some of our elected officials have been found guilty and are paying the price.  Some land use decisions have been suspect, but not all.  We elect people to represent us in these matters.  It's called a representative democracy and it is what has made us the most successful country in the modern age.

I ask that you do two things: (1) Go to and learn more about the devastating effects that happened in St. Pete Beach when that community passed a similar amendment; and (2) VOTE NO ON 4 in November.

It Is My Pleasure,

Dan Lindblade, CAE

Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 11:25:20 am  Comments (0)
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