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Profitable To Do Lists

The older I get the faster time seems to pass.  It was only yesterday that we started 2011 and now we are less than four months away from 2012.  Just yesterday my daughter, Allie, was a freshman at UCF, now she is a senior.  I find myself busier than ever before and starting to compile lists, a trait handed down through generations of Lindblades.  My Mom is famous for her lists and desk blotter-sized calendar.

Over the weekend I had a chance to reflect on all the Chamber has accomplished this year, and just as important, what we have left to deliver.  We have an aggressive agenda—Leadership Fort Lauderdale Class XVIII, Jazz in the Hall, Export Readiness Seminar, our first Council of Economic Advisors’ meeting, nominations and elections for 2012 leadership, Taste of the West, BusinessF1rst web site partner selection, Chamber Connect launch, RFP Selection Subcommittee for refinancing our physical plant, Washington Fly In, Salute To Business--the list is endless.

My “To Do” list contains 114 different items to accomplish by December 31.  Like most business people, my list has grown exponentially and requires support from volunteers and staff.  This don’t mind the mule just load the wagon mentality is not unique.  There are many studies that show we are more productive now than at any time in our history.  As Americans, we have adapted to a coordinated support system, a no business person shall be left behind mentality.

So I thank my colleagues on Chamber staff for all they do to make me and our organization successful.  You make me smile.  To our volunteers, over 376 investors who have given of their valuable time, I offer my thanks and gratitude for all you have done and have yet to do.

With the finish line of 2011 quickly approaching, we must recommit ourselves to success, continue to do business with each other, and accomplish a profitable year end.  How are you coming on your To Do list?

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