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A Message from the President
As Broward County’s leading business organization we are strengthened by the resolve of the students and families affected by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy. Further, we support actions taken by Governor Rick Scott and the Florida legislature last week to protect our children.
As of this writing several organizations have made formal statements. We make our public affirmation by writing you today. The Chamber’s Board of Directors’ resolve is steadfast: school safety must be strengthened; protecting our children a priority. What form that takes remains fluid, but our task force is creating our roadmap for success. Currently, that topography includes communicating our resolve, convening interested parties, affecting public policy and amplifying our collective voice.
I am heartened by some successes already realized, especially those led by our students. The list continues to grow: monies raised, legislation filed and passed and admissions of culpability and ignorance.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and there is no painless way to find impactful resolutions, but there is great opportunity. This is no time to be a spectator. To be a true leader in this community you must participate in making sure our children are protected. To the true leader, inaction is not an option.
The time is now. Pick an issue, find the right vehicle and use sweat equity to see your work to completion. This will be your contribution, one that could be life-changing in a positive way. When we help others we get outside of ourselves. Personal issues we face seem to fade away when the focus turns to others.
Work through the Broward County School Board, your place of worship, the Florida legislature, municipal government, the Chamber, Congress or whichever civic group to which you belong. Consider starting a new group focused on solutions.
We lost a piece of our heart on Valentine’s Day 2018. We cannot get it back. The only way to heal is by being proactive.
Dan Lindblade, CAE
President & CEO
The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
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