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How do you showcase your business at the top of the Google's search field without paying tens of thousands of dollars? It is possible, but it will take more than time. Like any decent marketing, research is key. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Know which keywords will benefit your business. Don't just guess what you think people are searching for on the internet, take advantage of the companies that are already spending money to find out. Here's an easy, free way to do it: set up a Google Adwords account. Go through the motions as if you are going to spend $10,000 to maximize your exposure. In the "tools" section, click on "Keyword Planner." Start digging. Enter keywords you think will drive people to your site and click "get ideas." The higher the suggested bid for the keyword, the more successful it is. Make sure your content is generated around those keywords. If your keyword is for hurricane shutters, your blog should be chock full of information that proves to visitors that you are an expert.
  • Make sure your website in mobile friendly. In 2015 Google began penalizing websites which weren't compatible with tables and smartphones. It doesn't matter how carefully you craft your content, because Google will automatically rank your site lower than those that comply.
  • Think like a media company. Use video to separate yourself from the competition. For example, a realtor may post a video of interview with area restaurant owners and chefs or local school principals. Home buyers generally want to live in areas with great dining and excellent schools. By offering this information in an easily digestible format, you can become the expert in your field.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video for the full presentation. To see to slides, click here.


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