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Weston Ranked 2nd Safest City in Florida

The National Council for Home Safety and Security just issued its Safest Cities in Florida 2018 Report has the City of Weston ranked as The #2 Safest City in Florida!

What is particularly impressive is that the populations of the ranked cities are much lower than that of the City of Weston. Of the top ten cities, all others are under 40,000.

There is a misconception that larger cities aren’t as safe as smaller ones, which isn’t always the case, and Weston—ranked second on the list— proves it. With more than 70,000 residents, this Broward County community reported just thirty-six violent crimes. February 13, 2018 The men and women of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Weston, under the leadership of Chief Kevin Butler, are to be commended for this continued achievement in the face of population and commercial growth. Chief Butler stresses however, that a safe community still needs to be vigilant: locking car doors, ensuring vehicle key fobs are not left in the vehicle, closing your garage doors and keeping an eye out for suspicious individuals and calling 9- 1-1 are all essential elements to keeping Weston safe.

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