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Presidents Corner
Durability and change
September is shaping up to potentially be a great month.  Sales are picking up, events are cooking, elections are creating a buzz, deals are happening with steady frequency and then it hit me--BAMB...a key player of my team resigns!

One of the greatest compliments anyone can give me is to hire one of my colleagues.  Change is constant, both good and bad.  It's how you deal with change that makes the difference.

I'm not sure yet of the structural changes to occur, but it's a good process and it will involve the thoughts and creativity of many.  Involving others in the creation of new directions and strategies is key to ownership and ownership is the cornerstone of commitment.

Too many times I have seen peers create a plan and launch it without buy-in.  Their execution often has limited success when if they had stepped back, involved key stakeholders, assigned responsibility and then pulled the trigger their probability of success would have been much higher.  Key to this scenario is a win-win mentality.

I recall an exercise where we split into groups during a team building meeting.  Each group was given instructions, tools and sent to separate rooms in order to solve a situation.  It became clear that the teams that chose a noncooperative strategy, one of individual gain, would lose.  The team that won cooperated on the first move.

Political scientists Robert Axelrod suggests you "enlarge the shadow of the future."  Let your colleagues and staff know what is going on and make them part of future discussions.  Not only will they have a higher tendency of cooperation, you will create a more durable system for dealing with change. 

It Is My Pleasure,


Dan Lindblade, CAE


Chamber Newsbriefs

Gallagher addresses profitability...former Florida CFO Tom Gallagher, along with a host of other talented professionals, will address Chamber members and others this Thursday, Sept. 2, 5:30 pm, Sheraton Cypress Creek, 555 NW 62 Street.  Other speakers include: Chamber President Dan Lindblade, Jerry Fagan, CPA, Perry Hodges, Rogers, Morris and Ziegler, Ken Roberts, ProHealth, Debra Mink, commercial real estate, and Allen Autry, Triam Group.  This event is free to Chamber members who register in advance:

Job opening at Chamber...bring your talents to the number one Chamber in the Southeast as its newest member of the business development team.  Interact with business leaders through the area as you sell new memberships while maintaining existing relationships.  Competitive compensation and benefit package.  Send you information to

Directors addresses endorsing candidates...Directors will debate the pros and cons of endorsing candidates for political office at their regularly scheduled meeting beginning at 4:00 pm this afternoon.  Last year we qualified candidates for the City of Fort Lauderdale mayoral race.  The Government Affairs Committee is recommending the Chamber screen candidates and endorse when appropriate.  The Chamber currently does not have a Political Action Committee.

Leadership Fort Lauderdale enrollment is your last chance to enroll in Leadership Fort Lauderdale, Class XVII.  Contact to get more information about how you can be part of this award winning program.

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