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Time for thanks

This has been a year I will always cherish.  We had our 100th Birthday and began our celebration the right way thanks to our Project 100 team.  Directors Brad Minto, Fred Johnson and Gerard Andrews, along with a cast of 57, gave me many pictures along with fun and friendship.

And that is the way the year went…one home run after another.  BusinessF1rst, GLBX gaining council status, our Non-Profit Committee growing quickly, the President’s Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Mike Jackson for Downtowner of the Year--the list goes on and on.

Together we helped each other.  Whether it was educating new members to navigate our nearly 200 annual programs or celebrating the life work of colleagues who left for home before us, this has been a year of oneness and for that we are forever thankful.

Thanks to our retiring directors—Tony Beall, Chip Rowand, Robert Boo, Tony Brunson, Mark Corbett, Clifton Steele, Gerard Andrews, and Nick Milano.  Your participation and insight were keys to our success this year.

Congratulations to our leadership—Robert Barron, chair, Chris Madsen, chair-elect, Andreas Ioannou, 2012 chair-elect, Chuck Mohr, 2013 chair-elect designate, and immediate past chair, Sidney Calloway.  Your commitment and strong counsel have been and continue to be enormous.

Other key leaders this year were: Dan Young, vice chair-treasurer, Suzanne Bogdan, vice chair-legal counsel, Paul Kissinger, director, Courtney Crush, director/vice chair government affairs, and Melissa Milroy, chair, Beach Council.  They and the rest of our Board of Directors, volunteer leadership and staff made my role so much easier

Lastly, we appreciate the over 12,000 members or guests who participated in our programs and events this year .  After a short holiday break, we hope to earn your continued business in 2011.

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