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Step Up and Be Counted


With close to 450 investors, guests and dignitaries attending the Centennial Annual Meeting presented by Trane, it seems prudent to reflect. 

Moving forward, our 2010 Chair Robert Barron, Berger Singerman, called for a regionalized abundance philosophy that was reflected in our recognizing four other Chambers’ members longevity thanks to the good work of Chris Madsen, Mad4Marketing.  Barron knows that together our region makes a compelling case for growth and sustainability.  Individually, our voice gets lost in the shuffle.

This historic year comes on the heels of a rough recession that finds us pressing to move forward.  With 310,519 people out of work in South Florida, our focus on job creation must be heeded by our elected officials and business leaders on the local, state and federal levels.

Sidney Calloway, 2009 chair, Shutts & Bowen, singled out Chuck Mohr, BankAtlantic, immediate past treasurer of the Chamber, as one such individual by giving him the Chair’s Award.  Mohr’s ability to lead the Chamber through a difficult economic time required a joint staff-volunteer partnership that shaved overhead by 37 percent, ending the year with a profit.

While many Chambers struggle, we have increased our product line, decreased expenses and increased productivity thanks to many volunteers and a dedicated staff.  This year we look to continue this movement and our first quarter will be the barometer against which we measure.

We applaud all who made our first 100 years a success and positioned your organization for the next century.  Thank you to those who remain fully engaged in our organization.  If you have not been involved in the past, there has never been a better time to step up and be counted.




Dan Lindblade, CAE

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