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Sweeping healthcare changes approved

Changes to our national healthcare system seem inevitable.  What we don’t know is the impact it will have on your company’s bottom line.  In the coming weeks the US Chamber will be pouring over the changes of this $900 billion, 2,800 page bill so we can inform you intelligently.

There will be plenty of opportunities for us to impact implementation of this sweeping legislation.  Rest assured we will continue to speak on behalf of our investors in all available avenues—regulatory, legislative, legal and political—to minimize harmful impacts to your business.

Senators will consider delaying implementation of the “Cadillac” tax from 2013 to 2018, but causing it to increase much faster, removing the Nebraska and Florida deals although preserving special deals for other states.  Several other provisions are on the table  as Senators debate this week with a vote as early as Friday.

We know you remain strongly committed to providing quality healthcare to your employees.  These changes suggest it will become more expensive and difficult.  Our commitment stands for real health care reform that improves quality, choice and access.



Dan Lindblade, CAE

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