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Bank of America leads the way

Last week I had the good fortune of reviewing submissions from some of our brightest and most engaged students in Broward County as a panelist with our good friends at Bank of America. 

Our charge was to select five of ten outstanding students who have demonstrated a passion for community service while excelling academically.  Sounds easy.  It wasn’t.  All candidates had received and deserved recognition.  Winners would be able to participate in a trip to a student leadership conference in Washington, DC, and a paid internship at the YMCA.

Perhaps as deserving is Chamber Chairman’s Circle member Bank of America, its market president, Lori Chevy, and our Director, Sandra Mayor.  Bank of America has dedicated resources and recognition through its Neighborhood Excellence Initiative.  This involvement is exactly what all Chamber members, no matter how big or small, need to do.

By connecting the business community with students, we not only develop and nurture relationships but we stand a better chance of keeping talent here.  We must continually forge new and expanded connections with public and private schools, colleges and universities, creating a consistent employment base.

It is our responsibility to be farmers of innovation with our educational institutions, principals, teachers/professors, and students.  Bank of America is a leader in this regard and I, for one, am grateful.


Dan Lindblade, CAE

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