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GreenProfit Solutions Small Business of the Year

It is with great pleasure that we recognize GreenProfit Solutions, Inc., ( as the Small Business of the Year for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.  Keith and Joe Winn have built a strong small company with a focus on balancing business and sustainability.

When Keith and Joe first came to the Chamber and talked to me about certification programs that were ecologically friendly, I was curious to know how the Chamber could become more sustainable.  They jumped right in and did a thorough audit of the organization—everything from light fixtures to cups.  The goal was that we could make a series of changes that helped us “go green.”

The end result is that we have gained our certification status which reflects our corporate responsibility to lead the way in becoming a green business.  It’s neither difficult nor expensive to implement this program.  Now we have a baseline practice and we can move forward improving our daily compliance.  Each year we re-certify in order to keep the approval rating.

Keith has also stepped up at the Chamber in a number of other areas.  He is now chairing a leads group and conducts our orientation on a monthly basis.  I can’t think of many other companies more fully engaged at the Chamber and our community than GreenProfit Solutions and congratulate Keith and Joe on their fine work.




Dan Lindblade, CAE


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