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Stability and growth

I’m starting to see some signs of economic recovery that really has me excited. While many business owners continue to use the “bunker” mentality, I am happy to see that several entrepreneurs are moving forward with their expansion plans.

Witness new businesses on the North Federal Highway corridor. Reconstruction is happening and those businesses will soon be online. We also have confirmed that Indianapolis-based retailer hhgregg will expand its footprint in South Florida with several stores.

In January we will have the grand opening of BOcean, at the corner of A1A and Sunrise. Guarantee Insurance signed a five-year deal for a 21,000 square foot expansion in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Within that building we now have RareLas Olas and up the street the highly anticipated VIBE is working its magic.

We have a long way to go in our economic redevelopment, retention and expansion efforts. Rest assured the Chamber’s BusinessF1rst partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale will continue its work and keep our collective eye on the target.

The pillars of our future stand on decades of work accomplished by heralded leaders. As we hand-off our centennial baton to the City of Fort Lauderdale to begin its celebration, let’s all remain committed to making 2011 a year of stability and growth.

Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 5:05:29 pm  Comments (0)
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