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Future Vision

Looking Towards the Future

Transportation, education and workforce development, global trade and the regulatory environment were identified as primary mega issues coming out of the Strategic Business Summit...The Next 100 Years, held Tuesday morning.

Over 70 business leaders and key stakeholders gathered at First Baptist Church in downtown Fort Lauderdale to spend three hours debating nearly 20 issues facing South Florida.  The purpose of the meeting was to gather consensus, identify champions to lead issues management, and set a framework from which the Chamber can truly impact our future.

 Your Chamber has played a critical role in shaping change like airport expansion, elimination of Spring Break and the redesign of our beach front.  Key to moving forward with issues identified today will be taking a more regionalized approach which will involve significant collaboration.

If you are interested in making a difference in our community, I encourage you to become involved.  There will be plenty of opportunity for all to be part of our future together.  Let's leave a legacy of which we can be proud.

It Is My Pleasure,

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