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Making Strides
With the fourth quarter in full motion, I thought it important to update you on our progress this year in a number of areas.
  1. Financially, your Chamber is doing well with a net profit of $89,062 after nine months.  We have been holding the line on expenses as we continue to slowly walk out of the recession.
  2. BusinessF1rst, our cooperative partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale, is beginning its second stage with funding through public/private monies.  The economic retention and expansion initiative has a focus on jobs and making Fort Lauderdale the place to do business in South Florida.
  3. We have raised nearly $8 million statewide for our opposition to Amendment 4, the land use amendment to the State Constitution.  Our ads have begun to sway voters but there is much left to do in order to ensure victory in November.
  4. Leadership Fort Lauderdale is in full swing with Class XVII.
  5. At the end of this month we will be holding a Business Summit…The Next 100 Years, with key stakeholders of the Chamber.  The purpose is to come to consensus on macro issues affecting the business community.
  6. The Marine Industries Association of South Florida will be holding its Annual Boat Show at the end of this month and all signs are positive.
  7. We are moving forward with the Nominating Committee process to select our 2011 Board of Directors.  The entire slate will be submitted to the Board of Directors and membership over the next 45 days.
  8. Your Chamber will be represented in the selection of the next city manager of Fort Lauderdale.  Selecting a manager is critical to the future success of our community.  The Commission is also hiring an executive search firm to help with the process.
  9. Food and beverage service on the beach will be moving forward in the coming months.  It is our goal to make sure this happens in a civilized manner.
  10. Winterfest, the world’s largest board parade, is gearing up in November and this year should be exceptional as we kickoff the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Centennial Celebration.  People come from throughout the world to attend this event that contributes over $48 million to the local economy.

Lastly, I want to personally invite you to the pinnacle of our Centennial Year celebration--Salute to Business, Thursday, November 4, 5:30 pm, at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66.  This will truly be a night to remember.

It Is My Pleasure,


 PS:  Thank you for three wonderful years at the Chamber!

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