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Coming Together For Defeat

Get ready for it.  Prepare to be deluged by it.  The political ad storm has begun in earnest and will not ebb until November 3.

I’m a reasonable man and understand that these ads are important public opinion modifiers.  That is why your Chamber raised over $300,000 to defeat Amendment 4.  Most political battles, whether issues or candidates, are won in the media with frequent messages over an extended period of time.

A recent Mason Dixon poll showed our efforts are working on swaying public opinion on the controversial land use change called Amendment 4.  The main reason I am voting NO ON 4 is the 270,000 + jobs it will save.  With over 300,000 people out of work in South Florida right now we can’t afford to double it.

The poster child for this campaign is St. Pete Beach, a once thriving town that changed its land use amendment process to give voters the final say.  It caused gridlock, job loss, business closings, tax increases and endless litigation.

We can’t afford to have this happen to us.  You can help by putting a Vote No On 4 yard sign at your house or place of business.  You can get one at Chamber Headquarters.  If you are prohibited from doing that, talk to your neighbors about why it is important to stop this from creating eternal gridlock.  If you need more information, please go to

We have never had a more important vote for the future of Florida.  Together we can make a difference.

It Is My Pleasure,

Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 1:03:35 pm  Comments (0)
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