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NOVA Unveils Sales Institute

Last week Trustees and Directors gathered for a sneak preview of The Sales Institute at Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.  This is a phenomenal part of the Business School’s curriculum that will prepare our next generation of business leaders with palpable skills.

Key to this training is some state-of-the-art electronic equipment that allows for real life training session that are recorded securely for student and instructor review.  Business School Dean Mike Fields is brilliant for selecting a deployment strategy that allows students to have market-driven, real life education.  By partnering with world renowned Sandler Training, students have access to a top-flight sales curriculum driven by research and innovative methods.

This will give graduates a leg up on their competition which is critical in today’s tough job market.  Part of my excitement centers around the business community embracing and nurturing our colleges, universities and their students.  We have so much to gain by supporting internship programs and bringing our teams to Huizenga Business School’s new Sales Program and Institute.

I encourage you and your colleagues to visit this new facility.  The Institute was designed for the corporate end user, too.  There is live video conferencing to conduct job interviews.  You can take advantage of high-tech online meetings or use the 8,200 square foot Grand Room for receptions among other things.  Please contact Karen Goldberg,, 954/262-5039.

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