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September 2010

Dev Motwani
President, Merrimac Ventures

Dev Motwani has been a dedicated volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for the past three years, serving as co-chairman of the Beach Bash, part of the AT&T JEB BUSH Florida Classic. Through Dev's efforts, the Beach Bash has grown from an intimate gathering of 100 to one of the most exciting parties in Fort Lauderdale, expected to attract nearly 1,000 guests this year. Dev is dedicated to helping the CF Foundation in its mission to find a control and cure for CF, and give everyone with the disease the long, healthy lives they deserve. His efforts have enhanced the event and helped raise thousands of dollars for CF research and care. Everyone touched by CF is grateful to have Dev involved. He is a caring, supportive and professional friend and volunteer.  For more information on Beach Bash visit

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