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Work your plan and yourself

At a recent orientation of 50 investors, we were reviewing quick start performance metrics for activity in the Chamber.  I suggested that any business plan worth the paper upon which it is written requires periodic evaluation and adjustment.

At the Chamber, your return on involvement is critical to your success.  You’ve often heard me say, “The only thing you can control is your time so be very judicious with it.” 

First, I recommend registering on City and County web sites as a vendor.  You never know when procurement will need your services whether you are a financial consultant, pressure washer or landscape architect.  Click here or here to register.

As a matter of fact, several Chamber members are offering advice on navigating the federal contract market this Friday, January 28, at the Tower Club beginning at 8:00 am.  Click here to register.

Next, with more emphasis being placed on social media as a business application, I recommend you become part of the Chamber’s Facebook (FB) and Linkedin (LI) pages.   With 942 Chamber friends on FB and 385 LI members, leveraging these services is an inexpensive way to exponentially expand connections.

Once you are set up with these services it makes sense to design an event and meeting strategy.  How many meetings or events will you attend?  What can you afford in time and registration fees?  With over 175 meetings throughout the year, there is no way you can attend them all.  Committee, leads group, marquee events, Leadership Fort Lauderdale, BusinessF1rst, one of our seven Councils…the list goes on and on.  Talk to your Chamber Business Development Executive or one of our talented Ambassador members.  Director of Member Relations, Cristina Agnone, is also a key contact to make sure you attend the right events. 

Lastly, one of my favorite speakers, Jim Rohn, used to say this and I shared it with my colleagues this morning—“Work harder on yourself than your job.”  When you put a plan in motion, measure and adjust it accordingly, and work harder on yourself, dramatic results will occur.

Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 1:09:17 pm  Comments (0)
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