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Sometimes we get so bogged down we don’t accomplish much of anything.  Lately, I have found myself corkscrewed into the ground keeping all the plates spinning.  I am logging the most hours in my 28 years in my profession and feel the tipping point approaching.

This is the point where many American companies find themselves.  Productivity up.  Profits up.  Most executives and owners trying to gauge expansion timing.  It’s a balancing act, difficult to achieve.  I’d say if you were going to pull the trigger, now is the time.

American workers are more efficient than any other modernized nation prior, during and coming out of the recession.  With unemployment in Broward County at 9.3 percent and production increasing, now is the time to capitalize.  Indeed, my discussions with CEOs back that up as our economy bumps along and they focus on key hiring decisions.

Your Chamber understands that economic and trend data are keys to sound management decisions.  In fact, one of the goals of your Chamber this year is to organize a council of economic advisors that will move us closer to getting ahead of the curve, relaying information to our leadership and partners.

Recently, several Chamber leaders participated in a conference call with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Dr. David Altig, senior vice president and director of research.  Our regional approach will be modeled after several successful programs and will be led by Chair Chris Madsen and Director Dick Clark.

The Fed is good at gathering and analyzing information, and Altig encouraged us to move forward working with their Miami Unit.  Our next meeting is set for June and I expect this group to be seated by the end of July.  What comes out of this will be timely local data you can use in making sound business decisions.

As we continue to cultivate value added services and research, I encourage you to participate and invite others, too.


Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 12:00:00 am  Comments (0)
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