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Local Business Leaders Optomistic

For Immediate Release, September 27, 2011
Contact: Dan Lindblade, CAE 954/462-4911

Local Business Leaders Optimistic

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—Business leaders in South Florida are more optimistic about the future of the economy according to the newly established Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) empanelled by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.

 “Members of the Council are optimistic about the local economy through year end” commented Dick Clark, Council chair, CEO and President of Clark Leadership Consulting, Inc.  “Like other CEOs,” added Clark, “they too are concerned about the uncertainty of public policy issues both in Washington and locally.”  “In order to promote the growth of job development, companies must have greater access to capital and less regulation by government,” noted Clark.

The 25-member CEA discussed a variety of economic conditions at its inaugural meeting to provide critical review of different sectors of the South Florida economy—employment, construction, hospitality, tourism, trade, manufacturing, health, financial services, to name just eight.

The group projected solid gains in third and fourth quarter sales over the same period last year based on current activity.

Both Juan Del Busto, Federal Reserve Board of Miami’s regional executive, and Lon Lazzeri, director of regional economic information, attended the meeting to provide information and direction.  The Council’s quarterly meetings and the outcomes will be shared with the Feds.

“We believe the intelligence gathered will help identify emerging trends which we can leverage to increase and retain jobs and make us more competitive,” said Dan Lindblade, president and CEO of the Chamber.


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