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Life changing events and re-focus

Sometimes I need to de-tether to re-gain my balance.  Events over the last week gave me pause to reflect and focus.

My 86-year-old Mom fell and had surgery.  She is healing.  In the recovery center I was watching the Boston Marathon bombing as it happened.  This morning I find out that one of our Trustees, Jeffrey Bolton, 47, of our audit firm, Daszkal Bolton, drowned while swimming in the Bahamas.  We will definitely miss him and send all our love and prayers to his wife, Mirka, children, Jason and Lexi, their extended family and, of course, all of friends at Daszkal Bolton.

My ability to cope with tragedy is buoyed by a strong sense of community, friendship, and faith that gives me strength to go on, never forgetting, continuing to honor.  We continue to thrive as a community in the midst of these difficult life changing events because we are united.  

On Friday we learned our unemployment rate ranks among the lowest in the State at 5.7 percent.  There are a few counties with lower but none with our critical mass of over 1 million employees.  We have a collegial network of leaders who are on the same page.

On Saturday, Bob Swindell, president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, and I, were discussing how we can continue to lead our county forward and build upon the outstanding first quarter.  We agreed things seem to be better aligned now than any time in the last eight years--Port Everglades expansion, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport expansion, new courthouse, 595 nearing completion, multi-family units permitted and building, new businesses setting up shop while others are expanding, the Wave light rail system, and all of our cities focused on growth.

Our county commissioners are focused on expansion of our convention center and construction of a convention center hotel along with port expansion and beach renourishment.  It looks like there is consensus on most aspects and the additional penny tourist tax is in play.

There remains much to do and we must coordinate and work together to build upon our successes.  As we move into May, Small Business Month, I ask you to reach out to others and tell them about our mission, the Chamber's relevance to make our region the best place to do business, raise a family, visit, honor our past and pursue the future with vigor.

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Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 12:00:00 am  Comments (0)
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