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Chamber focused on helping homeless

You should know that your Chamber and many of our community leaders are very focused on helping the homeless in Fort Lauderdale.  We really do care.  And we are working to make a difference in their lives:

Specifically, you should know:

  • Our 14th Annual Breakfast for Champions of the Homeless at the Broward Partnership of the Homeless is December 5.  It is just one way we continue to give folks a hand-up.  Money raised goes directly to helping families and individuals in need.
  • Past chairman of the board Stephen Moss, Holland and Knight, has led a nationwide effort to help our homeless Veterans with an award winning program called Mission United that began in Fort Lauderdale at United Way.  Comprehensive solutions through this program have made a significant impact on the lives of many.
  • Government Affairs Chairman and 2017 Chair-Elect Designate Keith Costello, Centennial Bank, serves on Broward County’s Continuum of Care that allocates over $20 million in our community for homeless assistance.
  • We are involved with food drives, soup kitchens, the Salvation Army, The Pantry, Operation Lift Hope, and countless other programs to make a dent in this sometimes complex, challenging and sad situation.  There is no silver bullet, but what is clear is it will take our collective resolve.

You have probably heard that our community, your Chamber, and the City of Fort Lauderdale, are under attack for being “heartless” in supporting and passing an ordinance which regulates feeding the homeless.  We will not relent to intimidation, threats of boycott, or personal injury as we know our direction is sound.

Your Chamber has been supportive of solutions to this issue and continues to focus on our brothers and sisters in need.  We will not rest until we have made a significant difference improving the lives of the downtrodden.  This has been on our table for decades and we will continue to seek solutions.

Thank you for your understanding and for your commitment to our community and all its citizens.




Posted by: Dan Lindblade, CAE @ 12:00:00 am  Comments (0)
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