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Runway to our future…you’ll never want to leave

The opening of the new runway at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL) marks a pivotal point in our history and paves the way for economic growth and prosperity.

Your Chamber pushed for this and led the charge amid opposition from both elected officials and residents.  Because of strong leadership and loyal Chamber investors like your company, business leaders saw the opportunity to back this endeavor and passed the torch through multiple boards, the county commission, and the community.  Runway 9R-27L opens Thursday and will virtually eliminate delays for over 23 million travelers, however, there is more to do.

The Chamber is working diligently to expand Port Everglades with a dredging project and other construction measures which would add another 135,000 jobs to our economy.  We are on deadline with the US Army Corps of Engineers and have until Feb. 1, 2015, to get a signed Chief's report.  

We are also debating in committee and at the Board level the following: Broward County School's $800 million Bond Issue ballot measure; permanent extension of taxing authority for the Broward County Children Services Council, and unification on Marriage Equality in the State of Florida.

On every issue we discuss we look at how it will sustain and grow jobs.  If we can’t make a connection between and issue and our economy then it doesn’t relate to our mission and we will allow other groups to lead the charge.  By 2030 it is estimated we must create a net 90,000 new positions based on current growth projections.

It all brings me back to you, our partner, and the limitless value which you bring to the Chamber.  Without your support and involvement our community cannot grow and prosper. 

There are many other items we are reviewing as we move forward with our business agenda.  Help us shape the future by remaining informed and participating in your Chamber.  Join us Thursday and connect with over 200 other business owners and professionals at Jazz in the Hall, 5:30 pm, Chamber Headquarters.  Become part of our council structure, join a committee, run for the Board of Directors, and build a deeper relationship with the top Chamber in Broward County.

We are only as strong as the sum of our parts.  Collectively, we will remain the organization and the community you'll never want to leave.

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