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Christopher Johnson
Kingston Asset Management Services, Inc.

"The membership of Kingston Asset Management in the Ft Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in enhancing and strengthening our networking capabilities. The frequent and diverse events and activities hosted by the Chamber have provided new lead opportunities that have attracted new businesses in need of the debt recovery services offered by Kingston Asset Management Services, Inc. The personalized attention of the Chamber’s Executives, particularly the Membership Services Team, has been tremendous. As a debt recovery company operating in Florida for just over three years, the continued support of the Ft Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce is greatly appreciated as we move forward to achieving our goal in becoming the State’s # 1 debt and credit services company."

Susan Reardon Galante
So Flo Well Body

“I relocated from Boston, Massachusetts last October and launched So Flo Well Body in early February. In my field, knowing my community, 'word of mouth' and referrals are the biggest means in which to grow my practice. Never belonging to a Chamber prior to living in FTL, I was very green in terms of how things worked and what the Chamber and can do to help you grow. Jenny deBorja, has been so helpful and amazing in showing me the ropes! The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce hosts wonderful events that have allowed me to get to know my new community members better and to create brand recognition."

Karen Prescod
Prescod Life & Health

At Prescod Life & Health we exist to listen, educate, support and advocate. We believe in empowerment. Joining the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce was an extension of the very core of who I am, and why PLH exists. I joined a little over three years ago, in an effort to align with other entrepreneurs, business and community leaders. I believed that connecting with others would allow me to get acquainted with Fort Lauderdale, add value to this community, as well as grow my business. In addition to achieving those goals, I had the immense fortune to establish great relationships, which have developed into a network that has become an invaluable resource. As a person who is committed to community and giving back, I have been able to participate on different committees, work on numerous community engagement projects, and spearhead several councils and committees along the way. Becoming a GFLCC member is something that I would encourage businesses of any size to explore. Even more than becoming a member, I would encourage businesses to get involved and be actively engaged to achieve the maximum return on your investment."

Heiko Dobrikow
The Las Olas Company / Riverside Hotel

“The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental for our company to grow on so many levels and provided tremendous value. Being part of this organization helped us to get quickly educated on issues at the local, state and federal levels. Often it is not easy to tackle public policy issues as a single company, but with the chamber of commerce one will have a much stronger voice. Further the chamber provided us a roadmap to promote our business in the community with an ROI to was tenfold in just 2 years with our robust engagement. Lastly the most valuable proposition that the chamber of commerce offers to its members is leadership. It has opened the doors for us to participate in committees, councils and even the Board of Directors. We are grateful to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.”

Jean McIntyre

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber Trustee program offers dynamic relevant lunch topics, networking and engagement opportunities with community leaders both business and civic in an atmosphere that is symbiotic for growth and development. It is truly a place of business for business and IBERIABANK is proud to be an active participate in this vital organization."

Graciela Valdes
Valdes Fine Art Photography

"Joining a Chamber of Commerce and getting on the Directory will NOT help your business. However, GETTING INVOLVED will take your business to the NEXT LEVEL! I’ve been part of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber since 2015 and the return on investment has been exponential! There are a multitude of ways to get involved and you have to choose the one that speaks to you. Being a part of a Leads Group has been the single biggest boost to my business, out-performing every other method of traditional marketing I’ve tried. Dedicate yourself to developing relationships, referring business to others and giving back to your community and everything else will fall into place. It has for me!"

Mark Budwig
S Mark Graphics

"I met Elise Boston, Holt Communications, in September 2008 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Small Business Committee. We got to know each other and became strategic partners – she gave us a few projects and we retained her firm for a few projects. In 2014, Elise went to work for the City of Tamarac as Public Information Officer. Elise contacted me to provide a proposal for the City’s quarterly 24-page newsletter “Tamagram.” S.MARK Graphics was retained for the project. Now in our fourth year of producing the newsletter, it all started with a Chamber member to member relationship. Multiply this by over 1200 Chamber members and you’ll understand the Chamber’s tag line: Experience. Better. Business.