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Joining a Chamber committee is a great way to make connections. BeINvolved in issues that affect our businesses and community, learn and/or practice leadership skills, while serving with other respected business leaders. There is a Chamber committee for everyone's expertise or interest. Please note that although a particular committee may not have an opening at the time of your request, your name and information will be kept on a list for future involvement.


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 FINANCE COMMITTEE-Responsible for monthly financial review, annual budget and audit.

 NOMINATING COMMITTEE-membership dictated by Bylaws to provide a slate of nominees for the Board of Directors.

 BOARD OF DIRECTORS-elected and appointed positions to set policy for the organization.

 BRANDING AND COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE-establishes the Chamber brand throughout the region and works to enhance communications.

 Broward Days- nonpartisan group of people advocating for the diverse needs and concerns of the citizens of Broward County, Florida. Providing a venue in which to engage members of the Florida Legislature, Broward Days conducts local workshops, hosts events and discussions with state and local leaders, and coordinates an annual multi-day forum in the state capitol.

 BUSINESSF1RST-economic retention and expansion partnership with the City of Fort Lauderdale. Meets CEOs in small teams to assist with business needs.

 Community Outreach and Veteran Affairs- Collaborate with like-minded organizations to provide recognition, programs and services to Veterans of the community.

 CULTURAL ARTS COMMITTEE-assists in promotion and development of cultural arts within the region.

  EDUCATION & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE- enhances employment connection between companies, education institutions and employees to grow jobs.

 DIPLOMATS-helps new members become better acclimated within the Chamber so they are successful.

 ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE-deals with issues related to the environment and works directly within the Government Affairs Committtee.

 GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS-reviews and recommends public policy positions on local, state and federal levels.

 HEALTHCARE COMMITTEE-responsible for the Healthcare Summit program.

 INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMMITTEE (iCONNECT)-deals with increasing foreign trade via imports and exports. Educates members on how to export their product or service.

 MARINE ADVISORY COMMITTEE-provides guidance to the Board of Directors on issues related to sustaining a strong marine industry.

 MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE-responsible for membership recruitment and retention.

 NON-PROFIT LIAISON COMMITTEE-helps grow and sustain our non-profit partners and investors.

 Physical Plant Committee- Identifies physical infrastructure improvements to the Chamber building and makes recommendations for upgrades/repairs.

 REGIONAL ISSUES AND ALLIANCES COMMITTEE-fosters collaboration between and among organizations with similar interests to grow the economy.

 REGULATORY REFORM COMMITTEE-works within the Government Affairs Committee to eliminate/reduce burdensome government regulations in support of the free enterprise system.

 SMALL BUSINESS COMMITTEE-produces programs and events focused on small business owners. Produces Jazz in the Hall and Small Business of the Year programs.

 TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE- Provide Information, Education, Resources and Solutions to better Connect and Collaborate Utilizing Technology in the 21st Century and beyond.

 TOURISM COMMITTEE-works with Government Affairs and Beach Council on issues pertaining to local tourism

 TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE-works within the Government Affairs Committee to affect public policy on transportation related issues.



 YOUNG PROFESSIONALS GROUP - B.E.S.T. is open to all members and is focused on younger business professionals.

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