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Small Business Awards - Nominating My Organization



You are filling out an application to nominate your organization. Please answer all of the following questions and limit your responses to no more than 250 words. Once your form is submitted, a staff member will reach out to you. We thank you for taking the time fill out your nomination form!

Please note, if you have won a Small Business of the Year Award within the past 3 years, you are not eligible to be nominated.

 *ALERT: This application will time out, if not completed within 15 minutes. We strongly suggest that you complete the form in one sitting*


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1. Please describe the products or services your company provides and the year it was started.
2. Why was your business created?
3. What makes your business unique? What practices or innovations significantly contribute to this?
4. What has helped you become a success as a business owner?
5. What has been the greatest challenge in the development and/or growth of the organization, and how have your board, staff and stakeholders worked together to address and overcome this challenge?
6. Describe your company's involvement in the Chamber's activities: i.e. council participation, event sponsorship, other volunteer/leadership positions, and attendance at events etc.
7. If you are a for-profit organization, what is your company's contribution/impact to the community at large and the people it serves? Please be specific. If you are a nonprofit organization, who are your collaborating partners and what is the greater community impact you make? Please be specific.
8. What goals/vision do you have for your company? Why will your goals or vision have a lasting impact on our community?
Please write a brief one or two sentence description of your business. This will be read aloud if you are selected as a finalists at the event.

Nomination Fee: $60.00

Nomination fee includes admission to the breakfast event.

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