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Relocating to South Florida

Fishing & Hunting

Freshwater Fishing

If you are a resident or non-resident of Florida, you need a valid Florida Fishing license to fish in the Stateís freshwater areas. The license is valid for 12 months from the day you purchase it. There is an option to purchase a Resident Five Year license, Resident Lifetime License or a combined Resident Lifetime Fresh Water Fishing and Hunting License.

If you are 15 years old or younger, or you fish with a cane pole in the county of your residence, you donít need a license. Also, if you are over the age of 65 and a resident of Florida, hunting and fishing are permitted without a license. You must carry proof of age and residency to be exempt. If you are permanently disabled, you may obtain a license without paying the state fee.

You may get a Fishing License at the offices of Broward County Revenue Collection or at one of the many subagent offices located around the County. Licenses may also be purchased by telephone by dialing toll-free, 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356) from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

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Saltwater Fishing

A valid Florida Saltwater Fishing License is required in Broward County. The license is valid for 12 months from the day you purchase it. There is an option to purchase a Five Year License or a Resident Lifetime License.

A Saltwater Fishing License is not required if you are; a resident fishing in saltwater from land or a structure fixed to land; fishing from a vessel if the operator holds a valid saltwater vessel license; a resident and a member of U.S. Armed Forces at home on leave for 30 days or less; a person who has been accepted by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services for Development Services; or an individual fishing from a licensed pier. A Saltwater License may be issued, without license fee, to any resident who is certified by a Florida Licensed physician, by any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, or by the Veterans Administration to be totally and permanently disabled or who holds a valid I.D. card issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

You can get a Saltwater and/or Freshwater License at the Offices of the Broward County Revenue Collection Division located at the Governmental Center Annex, 115 South Andrews Avenue Room A100, Fort Lauderdale, or at one of the subagents located throughout the County.

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If you live in Broward County, you can get your hunting license from the Revenue Collection Division. The general hunting license is valid for 12 months from the day you purchase it. You will need separate permits along with your hunting license if you use archery or muzzle-loading equipment. There is an option for a Five- Year License, a Lifetime Resident Hunting License, or a Lifetime Combined Hunting and Freshwater Fishing License.

There are specific seasons, areas, types of equipment, requirements and limitations for hunting in the State of Florida, including but not limited to a successful completion of a hunter safety course. Ask for current rules and regulations by calling the Broward County Revenue Collection Division at (954) 831-4000. You may purchase a hunting license by phone at 1-888-HUNT-FLORIDA (486-8356).

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