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Membership Sign In Instructions

Welcome to the Membership Log in instructions for our website.
With these instructions you will be able to log in, update your information view others profiles as well as take advantage of any business to business discounts and coupons.

 Member Sign in Here

Please read below before you sign in. 

Once you click "Sign In" Above, you will see a username and pass word prompt.
If you have never signed in before, click on the text line that stats
"If you have forgotten your login Credentials"

to have
your username andPass word emailed to you.  
Next enter your email and click submit and you will have your username andPass word emailed to you.

Once you receive the password and user name generated by the system you can again sign in using these credentials.


Changing Login and Password
Once you have successfully signed in click on the link(Change Login) on the left column.
Enter a user name and pass word you desire and click submit. The next time you are asked to sign in use your new user name and pass word.

Retrieve Your Business I.D.

Once logged in, click on (Business Info) on the left column.
Scroll down to find your Business ID, you will a 4 digit number this is your businessís member number.

Update Your Information
Updating your information is easy. Click on the (Business Info) link in the left column.
You can update all information in the white areas. (We encourage you to leave your information public so that other business searching the directory can find your contact information.)