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About Oakland Park, Wilton Manors & Uptown

Oakland Park

At a Glance

Oakland Park spans more than eight square miles with a population topping 44,000 residents. The city is booming, with new businesses expanding or setting up shop. Learn more by watching the city's video.


Population Data

2016 Population Estimate: 44,326*

Median Age: 38.4**

Under Age 15: 7,512**

Age 65 and Older: 9.7%**

Households: 16,837***

Average Household Size: 2.57***

Median Household Income: $45,357*

Families: 8,492**

Average Family Size: 3.58**

Companies: 7,340*****

Veterans: 1,847***

Individuals Below Poverty Level: 20.2%****

White: 27,311*

Black or African American: 10,996*

Hispanic or Latino: 11,990*

Asian: 1,188*

Foreign-Born Population: 31.7%***

Speaks only English: 

Speaks a language other than English: 41.6%***

*2016 population estimate

**2010 U.S. Census

***U.S. Census Bureau 2011-2015 data

****2015 American Community Survey, 5 year estimates

*****U.S. Census Bureau 2012 data

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Wilton Manors

At a Glance

Wilton Manors, known as the "Island City," takes up less than 2 square miles of Broward County and is home to more than 12,000 people. Incorporated in 1947, it is known for its diverse community and exciting nightlife. Wilton Drive is a popular destination, with restaurants, shopping and bars. 

Population Data

2016 Population Estimate: 12,628*

Under Age 18: 10.0%**

Age 65 and Older: 15.1%**

Households: 6,474***

Average Household Size: 1.82***

Median Household Income: $52,996***

Companies: 2,193*****

Veterans: 895***

Individuals Below Poverty Level: 11.6%****

White: 80.8%**

Black or African American: 12.4%**

Hispanic or Latino: 12.9%**

Asian: 2.2%**

Foreign-Born Population: 21.0%***

Speaks a Language other than English: 26.4%***

*2016 population estimate

**2010 U.S. Census

***U.S. Census Bureau 2011-2015 data

****2015 American Community Survey, 5 year estimates

*****U.S. Census Bureau 2012 data

Other Resources

Wilton Manors Zoning Map


At a Glance

The Uptown Urban Village (Uptown) Project is a planning project derived from an August 2014 Urban Land Institute Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) report that identified strategies in creating a more livable urban village core for the Uptown area.  Uptown is generally described as the area in and around the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, with the area’s core flanked by C-14 canal and McNab Road to the north, 57th Street to the south, Powerline Road to the west, and I-95 to the east.   The overall intent is to establish a planning framework to guide future growth in the area by amending the current land use designations to a single land use designation that supports a mix of uses and multi-modal development.  The project goals also include the development of a form-based code to regulate the built form consistent with the new underlying land use thereby making the area a multi-modal, walkable, pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use, developed area. The Urban Design and Planning Division has been working with the consulting firm, Tindale Oliver, on an application for a land use amendment and a form-based code master plan for the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Uptown Urban Village.*

*Source: City of Fort Lauderdale

Other Resources

Uptown Boundary Map

Uptown Urban Village 2016 Workshop

If you would like additional information on the Uptown Urban Village Project, please contact Jim Hetzel, Urban Planning & Design Division with the City of Fort Lauderdale at 954.828.5019.