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Keynote Speakers

Jennifer Grace

The Power of Practice ~ How Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Can Cultivate a Creative Edge

In this presentation Jennifer shares about how the power of mindfulness and emotional intelligence can decreases stress and elevate our creativity and capacity to not only perform at our best, but also to become more present and connected in the rest of our lives.

About Jennifer

Celebrity Coach, Jennifer Grace, was voted Miami’s number #1 Life Coach in 2016 by New Times, she is a Hay House author whose book, Directing Your Destiny, was published in 2013 and her next book Drop The Rope will be released in 2019. 

Based on the famed Stanford University Masters Degree Course “Creativity in Business” her program, The Creative Insight Journey (CIJourney) helps students get “unstuck” in their lives. She empowers students with practical mindfulness tools and proven emotional intelligence techniques to discover their purpose and take inspired action to move forward in their lives.

Jennifer currently leads workshops and courses in Miami at The Standard Spa, where she is the Resident Life Coach, as well as online. She leads give back retreats three times a year and over the last 6 years she has traveled to 18 different exotic destinations, and has raised over $100,000 to help communities in need worldwide. Learn more about Jennifer at

Lil Roberts

Vision, Roadmap, and a Great a Pair of Jeans

Clarity about who you are and what you want are critical landmarks along your entrepreneurial journey. Where we are headed has a lot to do with where we have been and where we are now.

What does success look like to you? Is it working in jeans and a t-shirt? Knowing what drives you, the type of leader you are, and the technology you adopt are integral factors in bringing your vision to life.  Join us for this fun-filled and insightful keynote.

About Lil

A South Florida native, Lillian Roberts prides herself on building customer-centric companies that are built on teamwork and integrity. A professional entrepreneur with a passion for people, animals and business, she is known as an innovator with an enviable ability to foresee market and technology trends. After a successful exit from the print industry, Lillian serves as co-founder of a disruptive technology-based company called Xendoo. 

Xendoo specializes in online accounting and bookkeeping focused on the small business owner. By leveraging technology and cutting-edge software, Xendoo CPAs and bookkeepers have more time to work with individual client needs. 

Lillian recently appeared on the premier episode of CNBC’s “The Job Interview,” which featured Xendoo and prospective bookkeeper candidates going through a rigorous interview process.

Lillian has been featured by Smart Business as an employer who takes great care of staff and customers. Her approach to running her own businesses – driven by thoughtfulness toward relationships - is evident in her positive management and leadership style.  “You can manage by fear or out of love, and I choose love. It’s really about respecting others and treating people as individuals.”

Lillian serves on the Regional Board and is an active member of the South Florida Chapter of the global Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). In addition, she is involved in supporting charitable causes in the community and was a founding member on Our Fund board. A lifelong learner, she fosters a professional working environment where people have the opportunity to continuously grow and develop.